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31 Oct 2007

Nic le Roux Tribute - Jazz At The Nassau

Can you believe it is almost a year since one of the gentle jazz giants of Cape Town passed away. Saxophonist, Nic Le Roux passed away on Tuesday, 07 November 2006.

Pianist and long time collaborator with Nic, Fred Kuit together with Cliff Wallis is staging a tribute for Nic at the Nasseau on Sunday, 4 November 2007.

Music for the evening will include some of Nic's compositions. Buddy Wells, Darren English, Claude Cozens and Benjamin Jephta will join Fred.

Guest artists include master jazz guitarist Alvin Dyers and jazz vocalist Melanie Scholtz.

Sunday, 4 November 2007, 19:30
Nassau Centre
Groote Schuur High School
Palmyra Road

Tickets 021 762 2726

30 Oct 2007

Armchair Headset featuring the Marc De Kock Quartet

Combine the unmistakeable sound of saxophonist Marc De Kock with the likes of the funky Jason Reolon Trio and you're in for a seriously explosive musical experience.

The band:

Marc De Kock | Sax
Jason Reolon | Piano
Wesley Rustin | Bass
Heinrich Goosen | Drums

These highly renowned Jazz artists each perform in many different jazz groups including Restless Natives, Breakfast Included, James Stuart, Strait & Narro and the Black Market Trio

This Thursday's Headset Performance will be a LIVE RECORDING

They'll be performing material written by Jason Reolon, Joshua Redman, Michael Brecker and Don Grolnick ranging from funk to latin to swing to 'proudly South African' grooves

If their previous packed out performance at the Armchair Headset in August is anything to go by, this promises to be a mindblowing show

starts 9pm, advisable to get there early for a seat

R30 cover charge

Fasten your seatbelts...

One of my favourite Don Grolnick tunes is 'Pools'. Hope they're gonna cover it.

29 Oct 2007

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28 Oct 2007

Mike Laatz

I came to know about and met Mike at the legendary Saturday Afternoon Jazz Sessions at the Landrost Hotel in Lansdowne.

Mike is a professional musician, radio presenter and compiles crosswords for a newspaper.

Please check Mike's blog at


27 Oct 2007

Table Mountain Blues Summit

The Biggest and Best Blues celebration will be held on the 10 November 2007 from 17h00 until midnight, at the Tafelberg Tavern just off Hope Street in Cape Town.

The groups/artist taking part are Acid Blues, The Lonesharks, Dave Ferguson,Delta Blue,Boulevard Blues,Dan Patlansky.

Cost is R160 - book at Computicket at or call 083 9158000.

Please check for more details on the bands and artists taking part.

Email enquiries to

Boulevard Blues
Delta Blue
Dan Patlansky

promo newsletter

A Blues Festival Of Epic proportions

On the 10th of November the best of the Blues comes to Tafelberg Tavern at 105 Hope Street, Cape Town City centre.
With the Mighty Table Mountain Towering in the background over the Tavern, it is a fitting venue for The Table mountain Blues Summit.
This is the 2nd year round for the Blues Summit after a wonderful start in 2006 with a special Blues Broers once off performance.
It was an incredible debut for a Blues festival with a crowd of 400 plus having a night to remember.
This year it promises to be even better and will cover much of what is happening in blues today and what has happenned over the many years with the performances of some world class blues acts, two of the best sound engineers in the country
and a great 8000watt PA system to Boot.

Don't miss
- Acid Blues
- The Lonesharks
- Dave Ferguson
- Delta Blue,
- Boulevard Blues
- Dan Patlansky

Strut their stuff on a night that will surely climb high on the Cape Town entertainment calender in the years to come.
There is a huge un-tapped Blues market out there and this event will go a long way to quench it's thirst.
Kitchen and Bar facilities will be available and fully stocked for the evening.
Secure outside parking with Security Guards will be Provided.

The Tafelberg Tavern in Cape Town hosts the Biggest and Best Blues celebration in the country.
November the 10th doors open 4pm (bands from 6pm till 12pm)

Bookings for the Table Mountain Blues Summit are open. You can book online at and search for the Table Mountain Blues Summit.
Tickets are R160.
Or you can phone and book through computicket on 083 9158000

One night of the best blues Lineup in SA History.The Tafelberg Tavern in Cape Town just off Hope street hosts the Biggest and Best Blues celebration in the country.Don't miss the likes of Acid Blues, The Lonesharks, Dave Ferguson,Delta Blue,Boulevard Blues,Dan Patlansky strut their stuff on November the 10thTickets are R160 though Computicket or phone 083 9158000 to book your place.The Blues Summit promises to cover much of what is happening in blues today and what has happenned over the many years with the performances of some world class blues acts, two of the best sound Engineers in the country and a great PA system to Boot.

Tickets are limited so book early to get your place.

Here are the Bands:

Acid Blues

The band is:

James Kibby - Vocals and GuitarVic Higgins - Drums
Maurice Paliaga - Bass Guitar

Their music isn't just blues - it's Acid Blues, a concept fusing blues with funk and jazz, then soaking it in copious amounts of sonic psychedelica. A new sound for a new era !

The band has survived two major line-up changes over the years. Original bass player Christoph von Walter (ex Boomslang) moved on in January 2006 and was replaced by Dave Ridgeway, who, in turn, moved on in November 2006, to be replaced by Maurice "The Passion" Paliaga. Their CD, ACID BLUES LIVE AT CARNIVAL COURT VOL 1, which will be on sale on the day, reflects all three phases of ACID BLUES, with founder members James Kibby on guitar and vocals, and Vic "The Light" Higgins on drums, with the three different bass players to date, and covers the different moods and sounds that all three line-ups have presented to the many and varied Friday night revellers who have formed their support base.

If you want to hear what an excellent blues band would sound like after taking some acid without actually taking any, then don't miss these Summit openers.......they really offer something different and refreshingly good.

The Lone Sharks
The band is:

Dave Ferguson - Harmonica & Vocals
Ted Baumann - guitar & Vocals
Paul Tizzard - drums
Roger Bashew - Bass

They are Cape Town's own highly entertaining "true to the genre" Chicago Blues band, they play their own brand of Blues mixed with Louisiana Cajun and Zydeco with the recommended daily allowance of Country Twang.

Ted Baumann a seasoned Blues veteran has been laying down the Blues since Van Riebeeck first came to the Cape....

He knows the Blues well and tells a mean story though his Chicago blues infused guitar playing.

Paul Tizzard the highly acclaimed drummer for The Usual is as solid as a piece of lead and keeps the rest of the band right in the groove.

Dave Ferguson has to be one of the best harmonica players in the world. This man is a show on his own!

He was born in Cape Town where at the tender age of 17 he started playing the harmonica and cut his teeth in various Blues, Rockabilly, Rock and Country bands.

He returned from the UK where he has been living and working for the last 10 years including a stint in Nashville and some gigs in Australia. Something of a regular on the London Blues scene he also played with the now US based Alt. Country outfit "The Arlenes”, Emily Barker (The Low Country) and John Townes Van Zandt. He has appeared on a number of commercial releases one of which went double platinum in the UK and Ireland.

So what we're trying to say is Expect energetic Blues-harp and guitar driven tunes and an unavoidable good time...

Delta Blue
Delta Blue confirms their reputation as an ever evolving , innovative and highly original group with their 1st performance at the Summit this year.

They have had a long journey, like most bluesmen inevitably should. Driven by a need to play and live this most mystical and magical of music genres, the blues has taught us much about music, life and what it means to befriend the long open road. A musical journey that started mainly with twelve bar blues has picked up a lot of influences along the way, but has always stayed close to the hallelujah.

Kicking off as a two-piece boogie act consisting of Riaan Nieuwenhuis and Gerald Clark, the band was soon joined by Almuir Botha on lead guitar, Alwyn Jordaan on drums and Schalk van der Merwe was employed as a bass guitarist. Alida Stadler soon replaced Alwyn and thus became one of the few accomplished female drummers in South Africa.This outfit played memorable performances at venues such as:

— Kirstenbosch Gardens
— Oude Libertas Theatre
— Oppikoppi Rock Festival
— Kaktus Oppi Vlaktus
— Up the Creek
— Splashy Fen
— Windhoek Warehouse Theatr
eand many smaller venues around the country.

Delta Blue soon became responsible for introducing this genre of music to many a virgin ear and soon made fans all over the country- not only of the band, but also the blues! In 2002, a young guitarist, Henry Steel, took the reins from Almuir Botha. With Alida Stadler leaving the band in 2004, the road seemed to be heading towards a dead end. The band regrouped and asked Jaques Schutte (drummer for the Albert Frost Trio) to step up on the drums. This new outfit managed to pull Delta Blue out of the depths of disregard, and the road opened itself up to us once more as invitations to many festivals and prime venues such as: Mannenbergs, Green dolphin and Kennedy?s Cigar Bar came our way. Such good times were had with our new music vehicle, that no one noticed the winds of change heading our way.

Jaques decided to move on and was soon replaced by the highly acclaimed drummer, Tim Rankin. Riaan Nieuwenhuis left soon after, making the band a four piece.A couple of gigs were played including an outstanding performance at the Oppikoppi 10th year anniversary, Delta Blue being the first band to play on the new permanent main stage, ?The Most Amazing Main Stage.? After feeling the musical void that Riaan?s keyboard left, the band decided to reinstate the missing notes and Jan Krynauw got the position.The current band members are very grateful to all of these fine musicians for their contributions and input into the band, Delta Blue, for making it what it is today.

With a line up consisting of highly talented, experienced and seriously handsome musicians aka Bluesmen, Delta Blue is on its way. So, whenever you are in need of some good soul music, ?unlike the reclusive celebrity outfit, Delta Blue like to play live, in and around rather nice accessible areas with old wine smells, broken midnight schwingles and dirty, dirty corner antics? please arrive in a bigoldblackcar.?

Check them out at

Boulevard Blues

Be sure not to miss another polished performance by the Boulevard Blues....

If you ever thought that the Blues is a gloomy business – think again!

These guys bring you the rockier side of the Blues and have some kick-ass numbers and Originals that are guaranteed to get even the most Jaded individual up on their feet and rocking out.

Fronted by the infamous Dr John the man who went round the block and then went round again just because he knew he could.

He is the real deal Blues veteren……he doesn’t just sing the blues ……..he lives the blues…..

With Blue blood pumping through his veins they once opened him up to see if he really was the real deal and after finding whiskey dust in most major organs he was proclaimed the ever popular Doctor of the Blues.

With some Blistering lead guitar from Richard "Pebbleman" Pryor the action doesn’t stop……He’s been fine tuning his blues skills with high octane rock induced solos and a great passion for setting the blues world on fire….Watch him at your own risk......

Checkout his solo rock project over here...... and

Greg Smith completes the frontal assualt with his intricately woven harp solos and some percussive skills that only a man with a giant Heart, one kidney and a huge Turkey neck can achieve.

Backing them up is the ever jovial and hugely present Graeme Abbott….He knows how to lay down a groove and keep it laid good.

That's why he's so popular with the ladies.

With Robbie Stemmett working this groove and covering the backline with warm funk induced catatonia……
he is the true master and gatekeeper of the low frequencies.
Where have they been? here are a few places.
- Oppi Koppi way of the Dassie 2007
- Savannah Up the Creek, 2003,2004, 2005
- Durban International Blues Festival 2007
- The Table Mountain Blues summit 2006
- Colesberg Harley Davidson rally 2006 2007
- Rocking the Daisies Music Festival 2007
- Graaf Reiniet Harley Davidson Rally 2007
- Jam Rock Ladismith 2004
- Hermanus Whale Festival, 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
- KKNK Oudtshoorn 2001,2002 2003 2005
- Robertson Rocks Festival 2005 2006
- The 1st Rocktober Festival
- Kirstenbosch Appletiser Summer Concerts 2004 and 2005
- Kirstenbosch Silvertree Winter Concerts 2005 and 2007
- Wingerdstock 2003
-Down South Blues Fest at Arrabella Sheraton 2007- Tafel Lager ‘Warehouse Blues Show’, Windhoek, Namibia
-And Tsumeb 2007

If you want to see, hear, meet and even get to smell a world class blues band........then come and see the Boulevard Blues strut their stuff at the Blues Summit this year

Boulevard Blues T-shirts,their new Live CD 'Live and Direct' and their debut album 'About Time' will be on sale.

Richard Pryor’s Solo Rock project Pebbleman will be on sale too.
Boulevard Blues are:

Dr John Mostert (ex Blues Broers lead singer) Lead Vocals

Richard Pryor Lead Guitar ,backing vocals

Greg Smith Blues Harp, percussion and backing vocals

Robbie Stemmett Bass guitar

Graeme Abbott Drums and Giggling between songs

Debbie Pryor on The Cajon for all our acoustic sets

Send them a mail at and you will promptly be added to the BB mailing list.or goto and

DAN PATLANSKY-Master of the Blues guitar
Some of the better guitar players and a few “blues-nuts” may understand when I paint the following picture.

A Battle-scarred red 1962 Fender stratocaster, scalloped fretboard, extra wide (bass guitar size) frets and extra heavy gauge strings tuned down a semi-tone a la Jimmy Hendrix style.
This is more a weapon of mass destruction than a guitar and it is the preferred tool of a serious axeman called Dan Patlansky.
Proper blues gigs are hard to find in South Africa and a really good three-piece blues-band is even rarer, so when you do find them, they are to be treasured. In a three-piece set-up, there is nowhere for a mediocre player to hide. No keyboard or second guitar to cover-up the little mistakes. Every error is instantly obvious. But as unforgiving the three-piece environment is for the average musician, so rewarding it is for the master of his craft and his audience. There is space tor the musicians to explore, every subtle bend of a string, every tiny tickle of a cymbal can be savoured and this is exactly what you can expect at the Summit this year.
When I heard Dan Patlansky the first time in 2002, he was 19 years old, playing in a nice, dodgy, smoky blues bar called Julians in Northcliff, JHB. My jaw literally dropped open.. It was supposed to be impossible for somebody that young to play the blues-guitar that well.
Now 25 years old, Dan Patlansky has already achieved what most accomplished guitarists will not master in a lifetime of trying. He’s is beyond the stage of trying to impress his audience with too many notes... (although he can be blisteringly fast if he wants to ). Instead he has lately concentrated on being an artist and doing justice to the music of some of the great players he has learned from. He can make the guitar moan softly in anguish, sing with playfull happiness and growl in anger.
Blues can be played on most instruments, but it is on the electric guitar that this genre really comes into its own, and Dan Patlansky is one of the finest exponents of this artform you will ever see. Whatever you do, don’t miss it!
Jurgen Human :(Die Boer) Oct 2007
In February 2005 Selwyn Miller, the New Orleans based manager of David Gates and Bread, Randy Crawford and Petula Clark, took Dan to America to promote his prodigious talent.
While living in the City of the Blues he performed with such giants as Henry Gray (pianist for Howlin’ Wolf), Snooks Eaglin, The Batiste Family and Rockin’ Dopsie Jr and enjoyed great success.
What this South African lad achieved in a few months many thought would take years.
Hurricane Katrina cut short this opportunity and Dan returned to South Africa, leaving behind some valuable equipment.
Plans are in place for Dan’s return to the U.S. to work with Grammy winning producer David Z.
World-renowned guitar manufacturer, Fender, recognized Dan’s pyrotechnic talent and offered an endorsement to promote the company’s products.
In 2005 Dan performed in Dubai at the Coca Cola Company Celebration along with UB40 and Shaggy – an unprecedented achievement for a young South African musician.
In 2006 Dan performed at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival sharing top billing with Jose Feliciano, Miriam Makeba, Louis Vega and Freddie Coleman.
He has also played at major music festivals and venues across South Africa:
Splashy Fen,
Durban International Blues Festival,
Southern Cross,
Walking The Blues Concerts,
Sand Du Plessis Theatre (Bloemfontein),
the Green Dolphin (Cape Town),
the Blues Room (Johannesburg) and has
Toured extensively from small towns to the big cities.
Dan has now released his third album, “REAL”, which show-cases his song-writing abilities using a down-to-earth blues sound with a modern twist.
Dan has recently returned from Mozambique where he head-lined the STRAB Music Festival.
His CD “REAL” is played in Australia on 101 FM and in America on WWOZ FM New Orleans and on which Dan has been play-listed since 2005.
Dan is accompanied in South Africa by Andy Turrell on drums and Errol “Smelly” Fellows on bass. His sidemen in the US are David Batiste Sr. (keyboards) who has worked with Gladys Knight and the Pips and The Meters, Stanley Perkins Jr. (bass) and Jamal Batiste (drums).
Check Him out at and ...................... or See him in Flesh at The Summit

25 Oct 2007

Julian Beever - Pavement Artist

Some of us dig graffiti. For something else, check out the pavement drawings of Julian Beever. Click Here

20 Oct 2007

Cape Town International Kite Festival 2007

Taken on Saturday, 20 October 2007 at the Cape Town International Kite Festival in Muizenberg.

The festival is the biggest kite festival in Africa. Funds raised at the festival is in aid of Cape Mental Health.

19 Oct 2007


This is an invitation from the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation to attend two FREE workshops at the NASSAU AUDITORIUM, PALMYRA ROAD, NEWLANDS SATURDAY 27 OCTOBER FROM 09AM-2PM (WITH A POSSIBLE 1 HOUR JAM SESSION AFTERWARDS).

Please note that this is the fourth and fifth workshops of a project that Valdi Van Reenen-le Roux, Glenn Robertson, Zayne Adams, Robbie Jansen, Darryl Andrews, Ian Smith, Errol Dyers, Paul Sedres, Sammy Weber, Trevor Sampson, Camillo Lombard and Tony Drake are all involved in - it is called: "SONGS WORTH SINGING". This will continue to be rolled out over the next couple of months where we will be continuing the workshops, seminars, recordings, a CD and a possible DVD.

On Saturday, 27 October, the following workshops will be rolled out:


Time: 09h00 - 11h00
This session will deal with music and songs from the various cultures in the Western Cape and the musicians will play examples of these songs.


Time: 11h30 - 13h30
This session will deal with CAPE JAZZ and AFRICAN JAZZ and will feature songs written by local artists. Musicians to bring their instruments along.


For more information on these workshops, contact Valdi Van Reenen-Le Roux on:
Tel: 021 7637124 or via email:

16 Oct 2007

Dizu Plaatjies At SACM

Please note that Multi-instrumentalist, Dizu Plaatjies will perform in a free lunch time concert at the Chrisholm Recital Room at the South African College of Music. Dizu is worldwide known for his association with the group Amampondo.

When: Thursday, 18 October 2007 at 13:00

The South African College of Music is behind the Baxter Theatre.

Some info links: a video

Enjoy! Promote!

11 Oct 2007

Jason Reolon Trio at The Kawai Piano Studios

Jason Reolon | Piano
Wesley Rustin | Bass
Heinrich Goosen | Drums

This trio is fresh, innovative and highly entertaining in the musical stories they portray.

Following Jason's fantastic Solo Concert at the Studios, this is again an opportunity to hear outstanding Jazz in this special intimacy and ambience.

Come and enjoy the evening with fine food and wine and, as always in our venue, Up Close and Personal with the artists.

Date: Sunday 14 October 2007

Time: 6:30 for 7:00pm

Venue: The Kawai Piano Studios: 13 Palmer Road, Muizenberg

Price: R130

Booking is recommended

Contact Christa on 021 788 3720

Or go to

06 Oct 2007

jazz magazine : all about jazz - new york

All about jazz - NEW YORK is a free online and downladable magazine. Although the title contains New York, this free magazine covers a wide range of cd reviews, musician profiles and jazz events. Past issues is also available for download.

It is available here.

01 Oct 2007

Emily Bruce - This Love We Share

Vocalist and final year jazz student at the SA College of Music Emily Bruce has just released her debut CD This Love We Share. A packed Nassau Centre in Newlands recently saw the birth of “her baby” as she affectionately refers to her record.

The cd is a milestone for Bruce, who has plied her trade on the local professional music circuit since the late 1990s just after matriculating. An entirely self-funded project, the album sees Bruce paying homage to influences that have helped shape her talent.

Taking her cues from the great voices of the jazz era, Bruce chose a mixture of all-time great and memorable classics to adorn the album. From timeless ballads like “Beautiful Love” to Carlos Jobim’s “How Insensitive”, she reveals a matured selection of music and brings heightened emotional energy to every song.

Recognised as one of the country’s most promising young jazz voices, Bruce remains a regular on the music circuit and often performs with the city’s top musicians at venues like the Green Dolphin and Kennedy’s Cigar Bar.

This Love We Share is obtainable from Emily.

email Emily

click here for Emily's Space

Deborah Tanguy - jazz vocalist, performer, teacher & recording artist

DEBORAH TANGUY is one of the leading contemporary jazz and improvising music artists in France. She is an accomplished and award-winning performer of a variety of musical styles, including mainstream and contemporary jazz, funk, big band and popular music. Ms Tanguy is frequently engaged as a performer, bandleader and recording artist in her home country.

Ms Tanguy’s major awards include: Winner of the Young French Jazz Talent (2002); Best jazz singer at the Crest Jazz Vocal competition in 2001; and nominated as one of the 5 international discoveries of the jazz festival of Juan-les-pins in 2004.

In France she has collaborated with numerous renowned names in the French music industry, including composer-leader Glenn Ferris, big band leader-pianist Antoine Herve, pianist-composer Carine Bonnefey and more recently pop producer Shazz with who she recorded the album Beautiful for Universal Records.

Ms Tanguy leads her jazz ensemble the Deborah Tanguy Quintet, which recorded the album Out of the Blues in 2001. In 2005 she recorded the music of Carine Bonnefoy with the renowned Netherlands Metropole Orchestra under maestro Vince Mendoza, released in February 2007 under the title Outre-Terres/Overlands. Her second solo album is currently in production and features a French ensemble and South African great Carlo Mombelli.

Tanguy is in demand as a vocal teacher and coach in a variety of contexts, from schools to conservatories, university and private tutoring. Her focus is vocal ensemble and individual teaching.

Ms Tanguy has been a frequent visitor to Cape Town since February 2003, first as a guest of Jazz at the Nassau for a series of feted public performances, followed by several teaching stints at UCT by special invitation of the head of jazz studies, Professor Mike Campbell.

She has become a regular on the city’s music scene, often performing at renowned city venues like the Green Dolphin, Manenberg’s, Zula Bar, Winchester Mansions, The Table Bay Hotel, with many of SA’s most renowned music performers, including Mike Campbell, Darryl Andrews, Mike Rossi, Shannon Mowday, Andre Petersen, Clement Benny, Wayne Bosch, Mike Perry and Alvin Dyers. Her performance highlights in SA include performances for the Awesome Big Band at the National Jazz Festival (2005-2006) in Grahamstown; vocalist in Shannon Mowday’s Galumphing at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival (2005-2006), The Joy of Jazz Festival, Jhb (2006) and the Baxter Concert Hall; and performing the music of Michel LeGrand with the Darryl Andrews Big Band especially commissioned by Jazz at the Nassau (2006). She is a founding member of SAFRA (South Africa-France Jazz Band), an all-female SA-France music collaboration, performing original work, which made its debut at the famous New Morning jazz club in Paris (Sep. 2006). The group is set to tour South Africa in 2008.

SACM Jazz Festival 2007

The annual SACM Jazz Festival will take place from Thursday 11 to Saturday 13 October and will feature several of the young generation of jazz musicians studying or teaching at UCT’s SA College of Music. This year’s festival is marked by the presence of several piano and vocal-led groups.

The line-up on the opening night will feature the Chris Engel Quintet (led by saxophonist Chris Engel, recently returned from a year studying in Norway), and bands led by ace French jazz vocalist Deborah Tanguy and pianist Wandile Molefe’s quintet.

The Friday night line-up will see the debut of vocalist Nicky Schrire’s quartet (featuring a rhythm section consisting of Chris Engel, Bokani Macha, Shane Cooper and Andre Swartz), exciting improvising vocalist Zak Moleshe and his band Shape Shifting; the Bokani Macha Trio performing original compositions in the spirit of great South African composers like Bheki Mseleku and Abdullah Ibrahim. Vocalist Emily Bruce who has just released her debut album This Love We Share, will be backed by the Alvin Dyers Trio.

The festival finale on 3 October will see another young vocalist Nomfundo Xaluva making her mark with backing by Jonathan Rubain (bass), Kyle Shepherd (piano) and Andre Swartz (drums), performing a programme of South African songs. The UCT Big Band directed by Darryl Andrews will close the festival with a set of original and standard repertoire.

All performances will take place in the Chisholm Recital Room at UCT’s SA College of Music. Tickets will be on sale at the door at a cost of R40 (general public); R25 for students; Free entry for all UCT students.

Secure parking available.

Enquiries: 021-650 2640/37

SACM Jazz Festival: 11 - 13 October

Thurs 11 Oct 2007 20:00

1.Chris Engel Group - piano, bass, drums, sax, guitar

2.Deborah Tanguy Group: featuring Shane Cooper, Andre Swartz

3.Wandile Molefe Quintet (trp, sax and rhythm)

Fri 12 Oct 2007 20:00

1. Nicky Schrire Quintet - voice - The group will play standard jazz repertoire.

Nicky Schrire is currently a 3rd-Year jazz vocal student at the South African College of Music, University of Cape Town. She has studied saxophone with Bob Mowday and Shannon Mowday and has had vocal training with Anthea Haupt, Amanda Tiffin, Dominique Eade, David Devoe, Kate McGarry, Gretchen Parlato and Natascha Roth. She has attended vocal masterclasses with Sheila Jordan, Madeline Eastman, Dena DeRose, Sara Leib and Deborah Tanguy. Nicky was selected as first tenor saxophonist in the 2004 Standard Bank National Youth Big Band and played baritone saxophone in Dr Abdullah Ibrahim's Cape Town Jazz Orchestra. In 2007 Nicky was accepted into "Jazz in July" at UMass, Amherst and the Stanford Jazz Workshop. Nicky has also performed with Junction 021, James Frank and the Sticky Triggers, Darryl Andrew's DA Band, Vaughn Fransch's KGB Band, Anything Goes, the UCT Big Band, Mike Campbell Big Band, Aviva Pelham, Virginia Davids and Pauline Malefane, Mike McCullagh and Johnny Cooper's Official Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Tonight Nicky will perform with Christopher Engel (saxophone), Bokani Macha (piano), Shane Cooper (bass) and Andre Swartz (drums).

2. Zak (Sakhile Molesh) 'Shape Shifting' (5 piece) Rhythm section, horn and voice

3. Bokani Macha Trio

4. Emily Bruce & the Alvin Dyers Trio

Sat 13 Oct 2007 20:00

1. Nomfundo Xaluva Quartet
Bass, Jonathan Rubain, piano, Kyle Shepherd, Drums, Andre Swartz - a performance of South African songs

2. UCT Big Band featuring students and singers from UCT under direction of maestro Darryl Andrews.

"Jazz and freedom go hand in hand. That explains it. There isn't any more to add to it. If I do add to it, it gets complicated. That's something for you to think about. You think about it and dig it. You dig it..." Thelonious Monk
"Jazz and freedom go hand in hand. That explains it. There isn't any more to add to it. If I do add to it, it gets complicated. That's something for you to think about. You think about it and dig it. You dig it..." Thelonious Monk

Hamba Kahle Winston Mankunku Ngozi - Tributes

PASS photostream