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15 Oct 2008

From Baby Giants to Little Giants to Great Music Giants - IMAD

The Institute for Music and Indigenous Arts Development (IMAD) was borne out of a need to provide music literacy training to youth in disadvantaged communities on the Cape Flats. The Institute is a natural outflow of an ever evolving music project called The Little Giants, established in 1999, which had a need for members with good musical skills. This structure has been developing since 2006 under the care of The Little Giants mentor and music director George Werner, and various individuals passionate about youth and arts development.

It is IMAD’s desire to provide disadvantaged youth in its care with the skills, information and opportunities to be able to function as able musicians, by providing a platform for artistic expression, broadening their life’s horizon and raising their prospects for attaining success in other areas of their lives.

Among others the Institute seeks to provide:
* disadvantaged youth with affordable and accessible music training in a variety of instruments
* a platform for the integration of youth from diverse social, religious and racial backgrounds through its various ensembles
* a platform for artistic expression and thus help to build confidence among youth who would otherwise not have the best of life’s prospects.

Why the need for IMAD?
In the absence of music development opportunities at Cape Flats most schools, IMAD is able to help fill this gap by providing training to Cape Flats youth within its catchment areas. IMAD assist youth in focussing their energies in life-enhancing ways.

Advantages of music education for the youth
Music is an outlet for youthful creativity; stimulates and enhances communication; builds personal discipline and leadership; develops important life skills; fosters concentration & commitment; can make a child take responsibility. Music is allempowering and, most importantly, makes you want to sing and dance!

IMAD today
The Institute has been running its pilot project at York Road Primary School, Lansdowne, Cape Town since April 2007, and soon expanded its operations to include Eluxolweni Primary School in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. It has since devised two phases of a structured music programme.

Phase 1 is a an introductory course aimed at teaching rudimentary music and identifying the candidates who will proceed to phase 2.

During Phase 2 candidates receive individual tuition on an instrument of their choice and rehearse once a week in an ensemble.

IMAD Achievements
Getting its development programme in place and off the ground was a considerable highlight.

The Institute incorporates a successful youth band (ages 13 – 19) named The Little Giants which has evolved into one of South Africa’s most significant grassroots based music projects. The group has a long list of achievements, including:
* appearances at and on many of the country’s prime jazz festivals and music stages
* a group CD release (Ungalibali - 2006) & performances on Winter in Cape Town vol.1 & Summer in Cape Town in collaboration with Jazz Potjie Projects
* selection of several members to the National Schools- & National Jazz Bands in Grahamstown
* overseas study and travel (Norway) for some of its members and professional success for other alumni

The Baby Giants is a junior youth band (ages 8 to 13) that has evolved over a number of years. This ensemble has made many public appearances.

people behind the scenes
IMAD has a management committee consisting of the following people, holding portfolios such as Education; Recruitment and Assessment; Logistics and Event Management; Operations; PR and Marketing; Finance and Planning; and Archiving. These
individuals are volunteers and come from a variety of professional backgrounds.

Duke Ngcukana, musician, school principal
George Werner, musician, teacher, mentor
Ann Barr, Director CT Big Band Festival
Ruywayda Mohamed, Administrator
Abdullah Amien,Project Manager, Nestle
Paul Sedres, UCT, Music Education & development
Colin Isaacs, Principal York Road Primary School
Geoffrey Goethem, Logistics Manager, Telkom

IMAD and the deserving many kids needs you!

Many of the kids going through the development programmes cannot afford a musical instrument or similiar training. There is always a need for funding and material support for the Institute to ensure its survival and growth. IMAD would appreciate any monetary or material donations, and support towards the following income- & asset-generating campaigns:
1. IMAD Adopt-a-Child
You can adopt any of our most needy learners by sponsoring a minimum amount of R100 per month for music lessons. There
is a desperate need for this.
2. Instruments - Any instruments, new or used, to be used by our learners.
3. Office furniture and stationary
4. A working computer with administrative softwares, printer, copier and scanner
5. Financial and practical assistance with the development of a website
6. Any cash donations (nothing is too small) to help sustain the Institute’s programmes and payment for a full time Office Administrator

Your financial or other contribution will assist in making it possible for this project to be a success

All enquiries regarding funding and donations can be directed to
Geoffrey Goetham
Cellular: 071 606 5593 or

Abdullah Amien at
Tel: 0827860137


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"Jazz and freedom go hand in hand. That explains it. There isn't any more to add to it. If I do add to it, it gets complicated. That's something for you to think about. You think about it and dig it. You dig it..." Thelonious Monk
"Jazz and freedom go hand in hand. That explains it. There isn't any more to add to it. If I do add to it, it gets complicated. That's something for you to think about. You think about it and dig it. You dig it..." Thelonious Monk

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