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29 Feb 2008

Summer In Cape Town,Volume One

The recording of the upcoming release, "Summer In Cape Town,Volume One", at the Artscape complex on 20 January 2008,was a huge success. More than a thousand copies of the first recording, "Winter In Cape Town,Volume One", has already been sold in Germany.

The driving forces behind theses recordings are Andreas Wellmann,his wife Regina Zelms and George Werner.

Cape Town has become second home for Germans, Andreas and his wife Regina. Organ player Andreas has a solid connection with the Cape Town music scene and has teamed up with musicians and groups like Gramadoelas, Alex Van Heerden, Wesley Rustin, Leslie Jooste, Jonathan Jacobs, Wayne Bosch, Peter Ndlala, Carlo Fabe, James Kibby, Mlamli, Titi Tsira, Yeye Smous. According to Andreas, "The Gramadoelas with Alex, Wesley, Leslie, and then Jonathan Jacobs are actually responsible that I was introduced to parts of the Cape Town scene like Robbie, Allou, Spencer and later to Titi, Stix and many, many more."

Probaly more than one cd can be filled with the amount of music recorded on 20 January.

While rehearsing for this project, Robbie Jansen composed a goema tune called, "9 Bath Street Goema", the Wellmanns' place in Cape Town.

For the previous recording "Winter In Cape Town, Volume One",jazz vocalist Erin Clarke, was part of the Little Giants. On this project, she is featured under her own name.

This recording also features some Xhosa Afro Pop stuff by Titi Tsira, Soi Soi Gqesa and Zami Mdimgi.

Two rhytm sections were employed on the 20. January:
Denver Furness (dr), Peter Ndlala (b), George Werner (p)
and Carlo Fabe (dr), Wesley Rustin (b), George Werner (p)partly supported by Andreas Wellmann (Hammond Organ)

The tunes that made it onto "Summer In Cape Town, Volume One",are
# Erin Clarke (voc) Softly, as in a morning sunrise

# Zami Mdimgi (voc) Ndiyayivuma Lendaba (Zami)

#Leslie Jooste (voc) Love

# Robbie Jansen (voc, sax) Sunny, 9 Bath Street Goema (Robbie)

# Perfect Way feat Erika Lundi (voc) Don't get around much any more (Ellington) Perfect Way are: Wesley Rustin (e b), Carlo Fabe (dr), Andreas Wellmann (Hammond Organ),James Kibby (guit)

# James Kibby Project (James, voc) Disappear, A Hundred and Ten in the Shade(John Fogerty) James Kibby (voc, guit), Wesley Rustin (acc b), Carlo Fabe (dr), Andreas Wellmann (Hammond Organ)

# Titi Tsira (voc) Back of the Moon (from King Kong)

# Little Giants Cape Samba, Anthem for a New Nation(Abdullah) Emile Duse (b), Craig Mehl (dr), Kim Raad (ten sax), Sisonke Xonti (ten sax), George

#Gramadoelas Wat nie dood maak Nie, Maak vet (Alex) Wesley Rustin (basses, voc)), Andre Swartz (dr), Alex van Heerden (accordion, voc), Lesley Jovan (guit, voc)
# Peter Ndlala (b) Envelope for Penelope (Peter) no rhythm section
# Soi Soi Gqeza (voc) What a wonderful world (Armstrong) Peter, Carlo, George

# Soi Soi Gqeza/Titi Tsira (voc) Meadowlands

Thank you from the production team Geroge Werner, Andreas Wellmann, ReginaZelms:
We had support through Fine Music Radio (Benedict Peters MC, Jazz Brunch everySunday 11-13),
Eric Alan (Radio 2000,
Jazz Rendezvous every Sunday 17),
KWV Wines,
Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos Muizenberg who provided us with anice KAWAI grand piano including tuning support on the Sunday (!!) for an extremely nice price!

Other people involved:
All the wonderful staff at the News Cafe, Artscape Centre
Skip Wright & Juanita van Wyk: stage design
David Langeman: live recording
David Cathcart: live sound
Paris Zannos: mix
Tim Lengfeld: mastering

Andreas: In Frankfurt I am busy finding sponsors and organizers to bring Jazz Potjie Projects to Germany - maybe some of those Jazz or Afro festivals ...
The upcoming Winter in Cape Town will most probably be recorded with another sponsor: PIANOS Ian Burgess-Simpson in Muizenberg. He actually provided us with a nice KAWAI grand piano for the last recording. And there will be another launch 11. May at Nassau center.

Please note that "Winter in Cape Town, Volume One" is available in Germany from the following website:

International you can order at

In Cape Town you will find the CD with sponsors
Jimmy's Killer Prawns on Kloof Street 021 426 0327
Sushi Zone Obs 021 447 8427
Miller's Thumb on Kloofnek Road 021 424 3838
Cafe Paradiso on Kloof Street 021 423 8653
Dornier Wines, Stellenbosch 021 880 0557
Manenberg's 021 421 5639
Swingers 021 762 2443
with Iain Harris'

and at record stores
African Music Store on Long Street, Cape Town
Revolution Records, 73 Lower Main Road, Observatory 0727698362


"Jazz and freedom go hand in hand. That explains it. There isn't any more to add to it. If I do add to it, it gets complicated. That's something for you to think about. You think about it and dig it. You dig it..." Thelonious Monk
"Jazz and freedom go hand in hand. That explains it. There isn't any more to add to it. If I do add to it, it gets complicated. That's something for you to think about. You think about it and dig it. You dig it..." Thelonious Monk

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